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    Decomposition of prime numbers (ln(weight);ln(level)) : 10000 dots, 1 500 000 dots, 3 000 000 dots.
    Decomposition of natural numbers (ln(weight);ln(level)) : 10000 dots, 1 000 000 dots.
    Decomposition of even numbers (ln(weight);ln(level)) : 10000 dots.
    Decomposition of odd numbers (ln(weight);ln(level)) : 10000 dots.

    Gnuplot Graphs:
    Decompositions of natural numbers, of prime numbers, of composite numbers and 2-almost primes: PDF - PostScript
    Decompositions of 3-almost primes, of prime powers, of square free numbers and of lucky numbers: PDF - PostScript
    Decompositions of triangular numbers, of squares and of pentagonal numbers: PDF - PostScript

    To draw a 3D graph (log(weight), log(level), log(jump)) with gnuplot, download the file and enter the command:
    splot "primeDecomp3D.txt" with dots

    3D graphics directly in the browser (you must have a web browser compatible with webGL). Implemented with three.js : 3D decomposition

    Gnuplot graphs of decompositions of natural numbers, prime numbers, odd numbers, even numbers, composite numbers, semiprimes, 3-almost primes, prime powers, squarefree numbers, lucky numbers, triangular numbers, squares and pentagonal numbers grouped on one page.

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